Liverpool fans leave team “walking alone” due to protest on high ticket prices

Many Liverpool fans around Anfield followed through on a promise earlier in the week to walk out in the 77th minute of their game against Sunderland. Protesting £77 ticket prices on Anfield’s new stand, fans felt needed to make their point against the front office and walked out while Liverpool was up 2-0. Soon after, Sunderland scored two goals and earned a point, drawing 2-2.

Moments before the 77th minute, fans sang “You’ll Never Walk Alone” for the players on the field. Once the 77th minute hit, the tone changed and fans directed their singing toward the owners by singing “You greedy bastards, enough is enough.” The hashtags #SupportersNotCustomers #WalkOutOn77 flooded Twitter and social media as Liverpool fans joined the cause.

Even Jamie Carragher joined in on the walkout.

It’s unknown exactly how many Liverpool fans walked out but The Times’ Tony Barrett tweeted that some estimates were at least 10,000 fans.

Regardless of the number, this is clearly one of the most organized protests a supporters group has had against their team in a long time. Fans felt enough was enough given past years of rising prices while Liverpool’s front office felt that lowering prices in other sections as well as providing lower priced tickets for kids was enough. Clearly the two sides are at an impasse and by having this explode into the public like it did today, nobody looks good.

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