The Anfield walkout is a Premier League problem as well as a Liverpool problem

What can be done to prevent irreversible effects

While I’m sure Liverpool’s front office and fans will eventually come up with a solution, it’s going to be tough for Liverpool to make changes and stick with them when no other team seems willing to do the same. It would be as if Liverpool would be trying to run the team with one arm tied behind their back.

This is why the Premier League as well as all teams need to step up and create solutions that keep ticket prices in check. Institute caps and/or mandatory price ranges on supporters sections and endline seats, family tickets and even away fans tickets. If teams want to charge an additional £10 or so for derbies and other high demand games, fine. But at least this would be a step in the right direction. If the Bundesliga can do it (and not even have the EPL’s big TV contract), surely it’s possible for the Premier League to do the same thing.

While Liverpool fans were the latest to walkout and protest, they very likely won’t be the last. Unless things change, one cannot be shocked if fans of other teams do something similar. These fans may love their team, but they don’t love everything about their team and will no longer blindly trust their team. And Liverpool fans in particular want FSG and John Henry to remember that even though Henry saved the team from administration and the possible disaster of relegation thanks to the borderline incompetence of Tom Hicks and George Gillette, that shouldn’t give Henry and his company carte blanche to do whatever they want at the fans’ expense.

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