Chelsea Bans Racist Fans For Life For Paris Train Incident

Chelsea has banned five fans for life for their involvement in pushing a black man off of a stopped train and making racist chants toward him after the PSG/Chelsea UEFA Champions League game in Paris in February.

This comes after these five fans, Richard Barklie, Dean Callis, Jordan Munday, Josh Parsons and William Simpson were also banned from going to any games “for multiple years.” The lifetime ban applies to Stamford Bridge.

This is an example of how a team handles a bunch of racist fans. They identified the racist fans, they investigated and took a hard line approach by doing everything they can do and banning them for life from Stamford Bridge.

On the other hand, Russian Premier League team Spartak Moscow and the Russian FA showed how to not react to a situation involving racist fans. FC Ufa’s Emmanuel Frimpong was sent off for giving the middle finger toward Moscow fans after they made monkey sounds toward him.

Maybe there was an argument after going by the “letter of the law” for Frimpong getting sent off, even though he did something that almost all of us would do being in that situation, what the Russian FA did next was inexcusable. I’ll let Frimpong explain what happened.

For the record, the Russian FA did do something because the people running Russian soccer clearly aren’t savages, they fined Spartak Moscow $350 for throwing things on the field. That’ll send a message and show that they really mean business with the World Cup just three years away.

(NBC Pro Soccer Talk/ESPN FC)

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