Five Reasons the USWNT Will Beat Japan and Win the Women’s World Cup

Here we are, the Women’s World Cup Final. The USWNT faces Japan in a rematch from the 2011 Women’s World Cup. Both teams went through some insurmountable odds to get to this point and to do it for a second time in a row, is just tremendous.

Earlier today we took a look at the five reasons Japan could beat the United States. Here is our five reasons why the USWNT will win their third Women’s World Cup.

USWNT is playing their best soccer yet in WWC

While it seemed like the USWNT was struggling to compete in the Women’s World Cup, they really brought it against Germany. They played with different tactics and attacked more and were rewarded with a 2-0 win. If they keep that up, there’s no doubt they can win.

Japan is barely winning and didn’t look strong against England

Japan is tough and they have won all six of their games in the Women’s World Cup. They also won all their games by a single goal. Some were deserved wins and some were the result of some fortunate bounces but they won every game.

Having said that, if we’re looking at the USWNT and how they’re playing their best soccer, it can be argued that Japan is playing their worst. The underdogs England held up well against Japan all game long and only lost because of the own goal. Rewind to the Quarterfinals and Japan were held scoreless by Australia for almost the entire game and hadn’t scored until the 87th minute. Keeping it that close is a dangerous risk and can result in Japan’s first loss.

That back line

It has now been 513 minutes since the USWNT allowed a goal. Just like with the game against Germany, if you don’t allow a goal, the worst case scenario is the game goes to penalties. Defense wins championships and that is going to be the key for the USWNT to win their third Women’s World Cup.


July 17, 2011

That was when Japan beat the USWNT in the 2011 Women’s World Cup Final. 1,449 days later and the USWNT gets their chance to exact that revenge. Yes, the USWNT beat Japan in the 2012 Summer Olympics but let’s be honest with ourselves, the Olympics just isn’t the same as the World Cup. And for someone like Abby Wambach, I’m sure she loves her two Olympic gold medals, but she knows and we know that her career would be empty without a World Cup win.

Because why not?

Exactly, why not? I, and others, have been doubting the USWNT for months because they didn’t play to their potential. They let weaker teams come in and get results and the USWNT just looked old, outdated and not capable of winning. But that’s not the case anymore. They have been rejuvenated and are like the USWNT of years ago. Sometimes, you have to throw out the stat sheets and stop listening to the experts. Sometimes you just have to go on momentum and a feeling and that means the USWNT will win.

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