WATCH: Roberto Firmino gives Liverpool a 2-0 win over Manchester United

Anfield was rocking when Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino scored to make it 2-0 for Liverpool over Manchester United.

After a great (but appearingly offside run) by Jordan Henderson, he crossed it into the box. When Michael Carrick made a heavy touch, the ball fell to Adam Lallana who was able to send it to an open Firmino once Carrick had to defend against Lallana. Firmino found the goal, scored and Liverpool took the 2-0 lead and win in leg 1 of the Europa League round of 16.

The two teams will square off at the same time next Thursday at Old Trafford. While they will be away, Liverpool will have the advangtage. Not only because they are up 2-0 in aggregate, but they also don’t have a game this weekend. Liverpool has off due to Chelsea being in the FA Cup and Manchester United has an FA Cup game against West Ham. For once, Liverpool gets a break from the seemingly neverending stretch of games. Can Man United overcome that?

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