WATCH: Rooney puts Manchester Utd up 1-0 on rival Liverpool

Wayne Rooney is simply a club legend at Manchester United. He’s seen and done just about everything, but one thing seemed to elude him annually — a goal at Anfield.

There isn’t a more hated player amongst the Liverpool crowd, as Rooney not only started out at Everton, but is also a thorn in their side as a Red Devil. Still, Rooney had trouble putting the ball in the back of the net at Anfield.

As Manchester United’s attack built up in the final quarter of the match, Rooney snapped a goalless streak at Anfield that dated back to 2005. It was a thing of beauty for the ultimate poacher in the English Premier League too.

Oh, and with it, Rooney broke an EPL record by netting his 176th goal with a single team in the EPL era. He was tied with Thierry Henry at 175, but this one gave him the sole lead.

Andrew Coppens

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