Bayern Munich tweet out very “death camp-like” graphic ahead of clash with Juventus

There are tweets you wish you could have back, we’ve all hit send on something we wish we could pull back. However, few of us have decided to put a graphics department to work and come up with a completely regretable and idiotic tweet as well.

Welcome to the world of Bayern Munich, who tweeted this graphic out before their Champions League 2nd leg clash with Juventus on Wednesday:

Nothing like a German club tweeting out pictures of railroad tracks leading to a “final solution” if you will.

As one site put it, this is about as insensitive as it comes and about as idiotic as it comes too…

Translated, this is what the Italian site meant:  , what are you doing? from a football match

In a country and a world where Nazism has to be constantly watched, perhaps the German club could’ve come up with a better representation of the “road to the finals ends here” graphic. Hell, take a picture of the actual road leading up to the stadium and do it, but how dumb does one club full of people who had to see this graphic before it came out be?

No one caught the meaning that some would take behind this graphic?

For its part, Bayern did issue an apology and pointed out its true intentions.

Good intentions or not, it was as idiotic as they come. Hopefully all clubs across the world took notice of what not to do in this case. Certainly Bayern Munich will be much more careful in its messaging from here on out.

Andrew Coppens

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