VIDEO: Portugal’s Pepe sees red, gets red card

Portugal entered the 2014 World Cup as favorites to advance and go deep in the tournament, but the first 37 minutes of its World Cup were nothing but disaster. Not only did they allow two goals, but in the 37th minute Pepe put his team in as deep a hole as possible.

After hitting Thomas Muller somewhere around the head (a bit of play-acting involved) Pepe confronted Muller w/ the old-fashioned headbutt. That response earned Pepe a red card and Portugal the unenviable task of keep the German side out of the net with just 10 men.

While the giving up of two goals early on certainly didn’t help matters, Pepe’s overactive temper getting the best of him may be the moment that kills any chances Portugal had against the Germans.

Andrew Coppens

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