Scientists have discovered a ‘new’ human organ

Even though it’s 2017, we still do not know everything about our own human body. It turns out, thanks to a paper published by a team of researchers from a hospital in Ireland, we all have an organ in our bodies that we “didn’t” know we had until now. The “new” organ is called the mesentery, which […]


Washington State Cougars socks get recalled due to an unfortunate error

A few unlucky Washington State Cougars fans likely received an unpleasant surprise this holiday season when they went to try on their brand new “Cougars” socks. Fans thought they were getting a nice pair of $18 Wazzou-themed ugly Christmas sweater socks, but the stockings were unintentionally ugly for a different reason. On the inside lip of the socks were […]

Jeremy Sprinkle

Arkansas TE Jeremy Sprinkle suspended from Belk Bowl for shoplifting… at Belk

Arkansas has suspended tight end Jeremy Sprinkle for Thursday’s Belk Bowl after the senior attempted to shoplift from a Belk store. The announcement came just a few hours before the Razorbacks were set to kickoff against Virginia Tech. Sprinkle was accused of shoplifting at a Belk location in a Charlotte mall where he was there […]

Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin got ditched by the Alabama team buses… again

Lane Kiffin just can’t seem to get a ride, man. The Alabama offensive coordinator was once again ditched by his own team’s transportation following Thursday’s Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl media session. Kiffin stuck around the Georgia Dome for some extra interviews, and when he walked out from the locker room to where the buses were supposed […]

Will Gibb dogs cougar

Canadian man fights a cougar with his bare hands to save his dog

A dog’s love is unconditional, so it is always nice to see when that love is returned by the dog’s owner. Not even a cougar could stop one Canadian man from doing what his own dog would’ve done for him — stepping in when the other was in trouble. Will Gibb, who lives in Red Deer, Alberta, […]


Chinanu Onuaku brings underhanded free throw back to the NBA

The underhanded free throw made its triumphant return to the NBA Monday night thanks to Houston Rockets rookie Chinanu Onuaku. In the closing moments of the Rockets’ 131-115 victory over the Phoenix Suns, the rookie forward was fouled and given two shots at the line. No big deal right? Well, not if you’ve been paying […]


Australian neighborhood wakes up to a seal making himself at home in the suburbs

An Australian family found a very peculiar holiday surprise on the hood of their Toyota. A seal weighing an estimated 440 pounds clambered onto the family car and made himself into very unique hood ornament before taking a stroll down the suburban neighborhood block. The incident occurred in the Australian island state of Tasmania, where it is not […]


Cowboys punter lowers the boom on returner

Down 42-21 with less than 7 minutes to play, the Detroit Lions had little more than pride left to play for against the Dallas Cowboys Monday night. The Cowboys were punting from their own end zone, so it looked like the Lions would be in a great position to at least make the final scoreline […]

CLEVELAND, OH - MARCH 28:  Head coach John Calipari of the Kentucky Wildcats reacts on the sideline in the first half against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish during the Midwest Regional Final of the 2015 NCAA Men's Basketball tournament at Quicken Loans Arena on March 28, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

John Calipari gives the most ‘John Calipari’ take on ‘one-and-done’ players

John Calipari, the man most credited with revolutionizing the “one-and-done” phenomenon in college basketball, is not changing his ways anytime soon. Calipari was accosted by a TMZ Sports reporter Sunday, and after politely answering questions about the newest book he’s been working on, gave a brief, impassioned stump speech for keeping the “one-and-done” rules as they […]


Legendary ‘Star Wars’ composer John Williams admits he’s never actually seen those films

John Williams, the legendary film composer who scored the Star Wars franchise as well as the Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park franchises, dropped a surprising revelation shortly after the release of the latest installment of the franchise, Rogue One. Williams has never actually seen any of the films his compositions accentuate so stunningly. Even if you may not have known the name, […]


Troy “Tluowitzki” and other sports-related Christmas gift follies

For sports fans, Christmas is a time to exchange all kinds of sports gear and memorabilia, and if you’re ever unsure what to get the sports fan in your life, you can never go wrong with your favorite player’s jersey. Well, almost never as these unfortunate fans found out on Sunday. Even if the gift giver’s […]


Idiot on the field gets crushed by speedy Chiefs security guard

The Kansas City Chiefs demolished the Denver Broncos 33-10 on Christmas night, but the best the hit of the night was made by none other than one of the Arrowhead Stadium security personnel. With the Chiefs driving late in the third quarter, one idiot decided he need to be on the field, and play was […]


A&E kills controversial KKK documentary series after revelation of producer misconduct

A&E announced it is nixing its much-maligned upcoming documentary project focusing on the Ku Klux Klan Saturday following the revelation that some of the project’s producers paid show participants for increased access. The show had a short but controversial life. The eight-hour project, originally titled Generation KKK, was initially perceived as a reality show focusing on the lives of KKK […]