ZURICH, SWITZERLAND - JANUARY 09: Marco van Basten of the Netherlands arrives for The Best FIFA Football Awards 2016 on January 9, 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland. (Photo by Philipp Schmidli/Getty Images)

FIFA’s Marco van Basten has proposed some huge changes to try and enhance soccer

Some in the soccer world believe their sport needs to make some massive changes. While still being the world’s most popular sport, others are beginning to close the gap. Dutch legend Marco van Basten, FIFA’s technical director, has proposed sweeping changes to the sport. Some of those proposed changes include restricting players to 60 games a year, replacing penalty shootouts […]

Rick James

Donald Trump’s election win robbed us of a Rick James sketch on SNL

Sketch comedy goes in and out of vogue all the time. Saturday Night Live has been one of the stalwarts to stick around through the years. Chappelle’s Show is the other sketch show that has seemingly transcended time. One of the most popular sketch formats that came from the show was “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood […]

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - JANUARY 15:  Man Utd fans show their support prior to the Premier League match between Manchester United and Liverpool at Old Trafford on January 15, 2017 in Manchester, England.  (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

Manchester United to bring on full-time counter-terrorism officer

As the world remains ever vigilant trying to protect themselves from terrorism, one team is taking it a step further to protect the club and its fans. Manchester United is believed to be the first team in the United Kingdom to hire a full-time counter-terrorism officer. The hiring was announced at a recent fan forum, and […]


The MLS stadium funding bill in St. Louis looks dead

If you want an MLS franchise, there are plenty of barriers to cross. One of the most important and pressing is the soccer-specific stadium. If you’re joining the league, it is almost a prerequisite for any new club. St. Louis, after losing their beloved Rams to Los Angeles, has been looking to fill their sports […]


Miami Heat, Lionsgate latest to invest in eSports teams

The market for eSports has been both fluid and endlessly compelling. For those that are uninitiated into the world, it may seem silly, but for those inside of it, they realize that there is money to be made. Lionsgate, an entertainment company and the Miami Heat, an NBA team, are the two newest entities to […]


Jabrill Peppers declares for the NFL Draft

In an exclusive with Sports Illustrated, Jabrill Peppers announced what many of us already knew – he was forgoing his senior season and entering into the NFL Draft. Peppers was one of the most dynamic players in all of college football during the 2016 season and found himself as a must watch player, no matter the […]

ST. LOUIS, MO - AUGUST 8: Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams of the St. Louis Rams walks the sidelines during the second half of a pre-season game against the New Orleans Saints at the Edward Jones Dome on August 8, 2013 in St. Louis, Missouri.  The Saints beat the Rams 26-24.  (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

What the hell are the Browns doing hiring Gregg Williams?

If you are a Browns fan, you have seen it all and then some. You know all of the tropes and cliches that have been thrown your way over the years, anytime a new front office trots it out, it has to make your skin crawl. So what are you expecting to hear when the […]


Snow park in Atlanta is closed due to… snow?

Whenever snow comes down in certain parts of the country that don’t necessarily expect it, you’ll see some signs of the snow armageddon. One of the more ridiculous cases this winter has been taking place in metro Atlanta. We saw a hint of that when we saw the news forecast that had roughly one million […]

FLUSHING MEADOWS, NY - AUGUST 23:  Smash Mouth singer Steve Harwell performs during the Arthur Ashe Kids' Day at the USTA National Tennis Center on August 23, 2003 in Flushing Meadows, New York.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The best internet beef involves Smash Mouth and Draymond Green

2017 may already be the best year on record, we have irrelevant rock band Smash Mouth tweeting trash at Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green. If that doesn’t constitute an A+ twitter beef, we may have ourselves an issue. Smash Mouth’s twitter account tweeted at the Warriors big man after the team blew a substantial […]


Missouri and Georgia basketball coaches get involved in brawl

Some say conference play is when college basketball gets into the real rough and tumble part of their schedule. Missouri and Georgia took it to an entirely different level. It all began innocently enough when a Georgia basketball player and a Missouri basketball player had a stare down that involved some normal college basketball theatrics. […]