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Watch: A compilation of every perfect score in dunk contest history

Saturday night’s dunk contest was pretty much immediately dubbed one of the best, if not the best dunk contest of all time.

Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon put on a remarkable show, combining for a whopping eight 50/50 scores, five for LaVine and three for Gordon.

The question is, was LaVine and Gordon’s performance better than Dominique Wilkins and Michael Jordan in the 1980s? Better than Vince Carter in 2000?

To help you decide for yourself, a YouTube user has created a truly incredible video, a 52-minute compilation of every perfect score in dunk contest history.

The 2016 dunks come at the end, but stop and enjoy Julius Erving from the free throw line at the beginning, Jordan cocking back his dunk at 8:07 and Carter doing his thing at 16:03.

It appears either the judging has gotten much lighter over the years, given how back-loaded this video is. For what it’s worth, LaVine’s seven perfect scores are the most all-time, followed by Jordan, Wilkins and Jason Richardson with five and Dwight Howard with four.

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