While reaching out to British boxing fans, vandals decided to set aflame to Floyd Mayweather’s van.

As he appeared at a Q&A in Birmingham, Mayweather’s “Money Team” vehicle was set on fire. For whatever reason, an unknown arsonist decided to light up Mayweather Jr.’s vehicle to a crisp.

Fortunately, nobody was in the vehicle at the time, nor was anyone hurt in the surrounding area according to ESPN.

“Offenders smashed the window of the vehicle, a people carrier, before pouring accelerant inside and setting it alight,” according to police.

As Mayweather Jr.’s van was on fire, he was busy praising UK fans.

“These fans have been loyal and paid hard-earned money to come out there and support me.”

No matter what you think of Mayweather Jr., his attitude, or past transgressions, nobody deserves to have their personal property set on fire. It’s stupid and dangerous. If you have issues with him, use your voice and speak out. Don’t be an idiot and endanger the public.

Moreover, Mayweather Jr. is practically infinitely wealthy. It’s impossible to hurt his wallet. The van will be replaced. The arsonist’s stupidity will remain.


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