Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is attempting to use a lavish strip club visit to write off $20,000 in taxes. Seriously.

According to the Daily Mail, Mayweather has dropped a $20,000 tax bill to the Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in Las Vegas after visiting the strip club in 2014. Mayweather Promotions LLC sent a 1099 IRS document to the club claiming they are responsible for the $20,323.18 Mayweather spent at the club. It’s a ballsy thing to do.

Image via the Daily Mail
Image via the Daily Mail

Club owner Jason Mohney was especially cheesed off about the bill as he told the Daily Mail he provided Mayweather and his crew with free admission, VIP seating, and up to 20 bottles of free alcohol.

“I feel insulted, we throw him all this free stuff and he slaps me with a $20,000 tax bill, what the hell is that?”

“Mayweather came to the club with a large group of friends, we gave them everything, comped bottles, comped seating, comped admission, they basically paid for nothing.”

For someone who flaunts his money excessively online, it’s shocking he’d be so frugal and try to get the club to pay him back the money he spent – especially after all the special treatment. As the Daily Mail notes, Mayweather spent the majority of his money on strippers using single dollar bills, so the club didn’t even collect money from the event.

Why is Mayweather filing his tax return now? For somebody who makes hundreds of millions of dollars, it’s a bit fishy that he would try to squeeze the club out of money he doesn’t deserve. According to his attorney, the form might have been an error. I’m not sure how you fill out a tax form and send it erroneously, but OK.

Something tells me the club won’t have to worry about the bill now that it’s public. Mayweather doesn’t want people to think he’s cheap – even if he’s acting that way here.

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