Scientists have discovered a ‘new’ human organ

Even though it’s 2017, we still do not know everything about our own human body. It turns out, thanks to a paper published by a team of researchers from a hospital in Ireland, we all have an organ in our bodies that we “didn’t” know we had until now. The “new” organ is called the mesentery, which […]


Fan steals giant trophy at darts World Championship

Over the years, we’ve seen lots of fans on the field across sports. There are streakers and protesters and drunkards and other categories of idiots. But we haven’t often seen someone do what a crazed fan attempted Monday at the darts World Championship Final. Check it out: He went for the trophy! World champion Michael van Gerwen […]


Hollywood sign changed to “Hollyweed” in New Year’s Eve prank

OK, who messed up the Hollywood sign? Not cool, guys. Actually, vandalizing the iconic Hollywood sign is kind of cool and something fun for the beginning of 2017. Not that we encourage vandalizing here at The Comeback. Respect public property and institutions, people. Take your vitamins. Stay in school. Don’t do drugs. But Los Angeles […]


Australian cricketer hits a 410-foot blast onto the stadium roof

Normally, we don’t write about cricket very often on The Comeback unless something incredibly out of the ordinary happens. In Australia’s KFC Big Bash League (what a sponsor), Chris Lynn of the Brisbane Heat did this: The blast landed 125 meters away on the roof, or if you’re converting to American units, 410 feet. While […]


Attention coffee drinkers, driving while on caffeine could get you a DUI

A man in Calfornia is preparing to head to court to fight a charge of driving under the influence. But it’s not for a substance you might normally associate with this charge. He wasn’t drinking, wasn’t on weed or cocaine or ecstasy. Nope, police booked a man into jail in Solano County, California, for driving under […]


Woman sues to find out who sent her a bag of dicks at work

2016 hasn’t been the best year for many people. But as bad as it may have been, you probably didn’t have someone at your office send you a bag of dicks. The aforementioned “bag of dicks” aren’t real life organs, thankfully for all parties that would have been harmed in such an event. They’re the gummy […]

HOUSTON, TEXAS - APRIL 04:  Kris Jenkins #2 of the Villanova Wildcats shoots the game-winning three pointer to defeat the North Carolina Tar Heels 77-74 in the 2016 NCAA Men's Final Four National Championship game at NRG Stadium on April 4, 2016 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The 10 Best Games of 2016

Our year-end countdown continues here at The Comeback, this time remembering the Top 10 Games of 2016. Compiling this list was an almost impossible task given the sheer number of memorable encounters we witnessed this year. But the Top 10 Games of the year was my absolute favorite show on ESPN growing up and it’s […]

Will Gibb dogs cougar

Canadian man fights a cougar with his bare hands to save his dog

A dog’s love is unconditional, so it is always nice to see when that love is returned by the dog’s owner. Not even a cougar could stop one Canadian man from doing what his own dog would’ve done for him — stepping in when the other was in trouble. Will Gibb, who lives in Red Deer, Alberta, […]

11 Feb 2001:  A close up of Haven Fields #52 of the New York/New Jersey Hitmen nickname and jersey during the game against the Birmingham Bolts at the Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Bolts defeated the Hitmen 19-12.Mandatory Credit: Al Bello  /Allsport

XFL to have pop-up Hall of Fame in New York this January

The XFL was one hell of an experiment for the WWE (then WWF) and NBC. It led to some innovations and some completely head-scratching moments. Regardless, it was one of the most entertaining sports risks this millennium. But does it have enough of a following for a hall of fame? For one day in January, […]


The Cheat Sheet: Rex Ryan is gone, bowl season rolls along, RIP Carrie Fisher

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is always kind of a weird one, almost like a calendar-imposed purgatory. You’re recovering from one holiday while prepping for another. Enough people are on vacation that even if you’re working it feels low-stress. Meanwhile, everyone is talking like the current year is over, even when there are […]


Australian neighborhood wakes up to a seal making himself at home in the suburbs

An Australian family found a very peculiar holiday surprise on the hood of their Toyota. A seal weighing an estimated 440 pounds clambered onto the family car and made himself into very unique hood ornament before taking a stroll down the suburban neighborhood block. The incident occurred in the Australian island state of Tasmania, where it is not […]


A Holiday Reading List: The best sportswriting of 2016

Say what you will about 2016, it gave us plenty to read, including a lot of great sports stories. Last month, we reviewed the best sportswriting from the past 30 days. This time, to celebrate the end of the year, we’re going to look back over the past 365. If you’ve got time to kill […]


Peak Canada: An Albertan man drove up to a Tim Horton’s in a zamboni

This is probably the most Canadian thing in the history of Canadian things. This was probably the most Canadian thing I’ve ever seen in my 26 years of life. #TimHortons #Zamboni #Drivethrough #StoneyPlain #Canada #Alberta #Eh A photo posted by James (@aim4apex) on Dec 20, 2016 at 5:05pm PST Courtesy of Instagram user Aim4Apex, real […]


This Maine driver didn’t park *that* badly, did they?

Everyone has had rough days, some more rough than others. Now imagine that rough day being broadcast all across the nation for thousands and thousands of people to see. That was the reality for some poor person who got blasted on social media for the way they parked up in Maine. Matthew Mills of Biddleford, […]


The 10 Most LOL Sports Moments of 2016

Earlier this month, The Comeback chronicled the Top 10 Sports Moments of 2016. Now it’s time to look at the lighter side of the year in sports, as we count down the most laugh-out-loud worthy moments from the past 12 months. Our list of the top sports bloopers of 2016 has it all: fighting, dumbfounding play […]