Dwyane Wade has found the fountain of youth

The last few seasons have not been kind to Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade. The perennial All-Star has dealt with numerous injuries as he’s gotten older. In the 2013-2014 season, Wade played in only 54 games and averaged 19 points, 4.7 assists and 4.5 rebounds in 32.9 minutes. In the postseason that year, Wade averaged […]


Route 56: It all began to go wrong for the Kings when Boogie danced

The race for the No. 8 seed in the Western Conference is hardly a done deal. The competition will almost certainly linger into April with no clear resolution. This year’s 8 seed in the West will not be a 45- or 48-win team, as we’ve seen in past seasons. It will be a team near […]


A Blake-for-Durant swap? It makes sense for only one team, not both

The column which reverberated through the NBA had a lot to say about Kevin Durant: Adrian Wojnarowski’s latest “WojBomb” was not a tweet so much as a whole column full of reportage and insight into Durant’s impending summer of free agency, and the decision which will emerge within it. The column is so layered with […]

Al Horford

NBA Trade Rumors: Will The Atlanta Hawks Move Al Horford?

The Atlanta Hawks have a real dilemma regarding star center Al Horford. The Hawks are currently in fifth place in the Eastern Conference standings, but are only half a game out of the third and fourth spots. In other words, they’re in contention to win the East and make it to the NBA Finals. Some […]


While the Suns burn into ashes, the Bucks remain stuck in the muck

It’s one thing when a trade works handsomely for one party but leaves the other party in shambles. It’s quite another matter when a trade really doesn’t work for anyone. As we enter the month of February, the 2016 trade deadline isn’t that far away — barely more than two weeks. As teams prepare to shake […]

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The Suns’ chemistry experiment blows up, and Phoenix fans pay the price

Barring an unlikely turn of events in the next 10 years, the Phoenix Suns will never again be coached by Jeff Hornacek. To understand how much this reality hurts Phoenicians — who know that the troubles of their NBA franchise are rooted in ownership far more than the head coach — you have to understand […]

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That’s Amar’e: The Heat light the fire in an unexpected way

The Miami Heat’s season was about to fall off a cliff. Everyone knew the pronounced sense of peril which had engulfed the Heat’s 2015-2016 campaign. The team squandered a number of home games against opponents with inferior records. Miami had a schedule which was frontloaded with home dates, so when the team failed to gain […]


LMA, MIA: The Spurs need LaMarcus Aldridge to be there in May

The NBA All-Star break can’t come soon enough for LaMarcus Aldridge. It’s true that the San Antonio Spurs would be the talk of the NBA if the Golden State Warriors had not become a remarkably transcendent team this season. That said, San Antonio’s decisive loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday night would have made […]


January back-to-back splits: Western Conference

The month of January is over, which means its time to post another month of back-to-back splits in the Western Conference. * Reference Guide: B2B = back-to-back 45 = a “4 in 5″ game sequence, referring to four games in five nights W = win L = loss Labels applied to each date in the […]


January back-to-back splits: Eastern Conference

We have tracked back-to-backs each month of the NBA season. Here are the facts and figures for the Eastern Conference in the month of January: * Reference Guide: B2B = back-to-back 45 = a “4 in 5″ game sequence, referring to four games in five nights W = win L = loss Labels applied to […]

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Do you really think the coach doesn’t matter in the NBA?

In the wake of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ firing of David Blatt, it’s become a sign of wisdom to question the value of coaching. The “thinking” is, if a coach can win 30 out of 41 games and get fired, then it doesn’t really matter who the coach is. Adding to fuel to that fire has […]


The Warriors are sending more messages than Western Union

One of the most overused cliches in sports, and in real life as well, is the “wake-up call.” Everything is a wake-up call these days. As much as I hate to say it, however, I have to admit that there’s just no other way to describe the way the Golden State Warriors have played since […]


Breaking: Blake Griffin’s hand… and the Clippers’ trust in each other

The Los Angeles Clippers entered this season as a team with multiple knuckleheads on the roster. You know what a knucklehead generally is, but let’s be clear and up front about it: A knucklehead is someone who persistently makes egregiously bad decisions, on or off the court, to the extent that his team is repeatedly […]