Apparently Marion Has A Lot Of Cars

Ah to be a rich professional NBA player.

You play a game for a living, adored by throngs of fans, paid millions, fame, notoriety, and the ability to start collecting… cars. Well if you are Dallas Mavericks’ Shawn Marion you do.

Not stamps, baseball cards, sneakers, or comics, we’re talking cars.

In an interview with, Mavericks’ Brian Cardinal let this nugget out about Marion’s hobby:

Dime: What about on the Mavericks, who’s got the nicest cars?
BC: Oh, Shawn Marion. He’ll love me for saying that too. Shawn Marion’s got the best car collection hands down.

And you know these cars are probably not run-of-the-mill vehicles one might find at your local dealership. He’s not going to open up his garage to reveal practical Honda Accords or Smart cars. These cars probably come with a hefty price tag.  Might as well tack on the insurance, and maintenance and you have one expensive hobby.

Hey, look on the bright side. Should the NBA lockout extend as long as many think, Marion can sell one of his cars.  Let’s just hope the sticker shock doesn’t scare a would-be buyer away.

So hurry up and settle this CBA mess NBA.  Marion needs to buy more cars.