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What? Shane Battier is signing with Miami?  Who is your source, Yahoo sports??!/ShaneBattier/statuses/144788641997275137

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Oh, alrighty then. 

So Shane Battier is going to the Miami Heat, giving them either a strong perimeter defender off the bench, or the ability to throw Battier at the 3 spot in a line up with LeBron James running the point, Dwyane Wade at the 2, Chris Bosh at the 4 and Udonis Haslem at the 5.  That can be pretty menacing.  An already tough defensive team gets tougher on the perimeter along with a guy who can still knock down open shots.  And on a team like the Heat, that’s something they need (especially since Mike Miller is out for a month with a hernia).  

The Heat are still thin on the blocks, leaving them susceptible to size.  I’m betting the Miller injury (and maybe, now, amnesty) changed Miami’s plans a bit.  They could always try to fill that size void via the veteran minimum route.  It’s unclear what Miami offered Battier, or if they even had their full $5 million mid-level exception to work with (it drops to $3 million for tax paying teams) so its possible the Heat could have saved some portion of it to spend elsewhere.

Regardless, this is a good signing for Miami.  They needed a stable, dependable veteran and he fits into their system quite well.  He’s a key piece that solidifies Miami’s standing as the favorite for the NBA championship.  

As for other signings:

-Tracy McGrady is going to Atlanta
He can contribute.  He’s not going to be a game-changer and he is the butt of jokes, but he’ll be a solid contributor, and may be asked to fill some of the void left by Jamal Crawford’s probable departure. 

– Chuck Hayes on the verge of signing with Sacramento
He’s a nice player that will help a young team like Sacramento.  But the full mid-level?  Not sold on that one.  

– Marquis Daniels is going back to the Boston Celtics.
He was playing well off the bench before his freak spinal cord injury.  Good, cheap signing for Boston if he can stay healthy. 

– Jamaal Magliore is going to the Toronto Raptors.
He’s the first Canadian to actually play for the Raptors.  Other than that… meh.

– Jarred Jeffries will re-sign with the Knicks
It fills a spot on the bench. He did manage a couple of decent performances against the Celtics in the playoffs, but we’ll see if there’s more time in store for him. 

– Roger Mason close to returning to Washington
Have you spotted the trend here?  Not much impact to most of these signings

– Sebastian Telfair will sign with Phoenix
Phoenix does things cheap, and Telfair is just that.  For those of you keeping track, this will be the sixth team (or seventh depending on how you count) in eight years for Telfair (Portland, Boston, Minnesota twice, Clippers and Cleveland), once touted as a phenom.  

– T.J. Ford is close to signing with San Antonio
They needed a back up PG.  This is pretty much all you get nowadays for minimum wage. 

– Jason Kapono is heading to the Lakers
We’re still looking to see what kind of system Mike Brown installs in Los Angeles, but a shooter is a shooter.  And anything that keeps lanes open for Kobe Bryant at his advancing age will help.

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