Breaking: Chris Paul To Clippers Deal On The Verge Of Approval


Twitter / @ESPNSteinLine: ESPN sources say NBA appro … via kwout

The last time this deal was submitted, the Clippers had offered Eric Bledsoe instead of Eric Gordon.  Their stance was the New Orleans Hornets were going to get either Eric Gordon or the unprotected Minnesota Timberwolves first round pick in next year’s draft, but not both.  They clearly caved on that, but they pulled Bledsoe from the deal.  The league had asked for all of this AND Bledsoe.

This HAS to get approved.  The Hornets will get no better deal than this.  To reject a deal like this because of the absence of Gordon would be…

…well, I’m going to stop there.  We know how dumb things have been.  Even though rejecting this would top them all, we shouldn’t be TOO surprised if it happened.  Let’s just stay tuned for the final word.