Howard Sends His Wish List To Magic

It is the season for little children and grown ups to look over their Christmas wish list before Santa comes down the chimney.

And if you are the Orlando Magic, then you just got a wish list from your franchise player Dwight Howard with a list certain players he wants you to pursue in order to sway him from staying with your franchise.

That’s right, Howard, a free agent after this season, submitted a list of players he would like to see in a Magic uniform this year to Orlando management which might convince him from staying in the Magic Kingdom.

Iguodala is on a short list of players that could help Orlando retain the services of Superman Dwight Howard once his contract expires at the end of this season. Others on Howard’s list of players that he would like are Atlanta’s Josh Smith and Golden State’s Monta Ellis.

Seems the Magic brass have their work cut out for them.

Indeed any of those players would help the Magic’s cause this season on the court and more importantly, keep Dwight happy but is it realistic? Probably not.

It is well known the Magic do not have the financial flexibility nor the trade pieces to make such a move. Orlando is full of horrible contracts that no team in their right mind would want to take. Hedo anyone?

Sure, it seems Howard is giving Orlando a chance to prove the team can be a title contender but he has to know any move to acquire help of this caliber would be tough. He is basically asking Orlando to do something they might not be able to pull off.

The writing is on the wall. Orlando doesn’t have what it needs to get a big-name player now to possibly convince Dwight to stay and as each day passes, the more realistic move is to deal “Superman,” you know, the Magic’s lone tradable player.

Howard is a mega-star in the NBA and any team which can trade with Orlando would practically hand over almost anyone on their squad (see the Lakers who reportedly offered any player minus Kobe).

Draft picks, all-star caliber players, and quite a lot more, it would behove Orlando to get value now before they are left with nothing as Howard suits up for another team after this season. Perhaps Orlando could look to past sports history, namely the Dallas Cowboys.

When the Cowboys traded Herschel Walker to the Vikings, Dallas received tons of draft picks and players and the team went on to dominate the NFL for years. Same could be for Orlando.

With Howard, the Magic could stack up on young players, all-star players, draft picks and the Magic could be sitting pretty. Yes, Orlando should be looking at the Clippers and their stockpile of solid players.