Is Nate Robinson’s Next Stop The NFL?

The NBA lockout is in full effect and it seems everyday some NBA player is heading to play in Europe or considering it should the lockout eat into the upcoming regular season.

But not Oklahoma City Thunder’s Nate Robinson. He said he would like to try his hand at football in an interview with

“I might go play football,” Robinson told SLAM on the phone. “Do something that nobody’s tried to do.”

“If I can, I would love to play football a little bit,” says Robinson less than half-jokingly. “I’ve been doing a little bit of training.”

First off the NFL is dealing with a lockout as well so chances of him playing pro-football are slim. Second, it’s not totally out of the realm of possibility for Robinson. He did play football at the University of Washington before making the NBA a career even though he is 5’9″.

But hey why not? Why are all these player limiting themselves to just basketball? Yes I know, it is their profession but right now they are free to explore anything. They aren’t bound to a CBA, don’t have to answer, let alone, talk to their respective NBA clubs so go wild.

I want to hear how Dwight Howard would consider joining the WWE, Stephen Curry training to be a heavyweight pro-boxer, and Michael Beasely is taking his turn at NASCAR sans the weed. Too soon?