Los Angeles Clippers Pick Chauncey Billups Up Off Waivers

The Los Angeles Clippers wanted to trade for Chris Paul.  That didn’t happen.  Chauncey Billups was all gassed up to play with Carmelo Anthony and Amare’ Stoudemire this season.  That didn’t happen either.  As a result, those two worlds have officially crashed into each other.  Hopefully both sides can find some solace in the situation.

New York Knicks' Chauncey Billups shouts to his teammates during the second quarter in Game 1 of a first-round NBA playoff basketball series against the Boston Celtics in Boston on Sunday, April 17, 2011.

Fresh off getting Robert Griffin III’d in the CP3 sweepstakes earlier today, the Clippers were awarded the services of the ex-New York Knick and professional Big Shot maker Chauncey Billups.  

This according to The Los Angeles Times:

The Clippers have won the winning waiver bid on Chauncey Billups, who was amnestied by the New York Knicks, two people familiar with the process who were not authorized to speak on the matter said.

Teams were notified Monday in a memo that the Clippers won the bid for Billups.

Also, teams were sent a memo in which they were informed by the NBA that the league had warned Billups and his agent, Andy Miller, that if he didn’t show up to the team that selected him that he would be in breach of his contract.

Billups had threatened not to show up if it was a team he didn’t desire to be on and if it wasn’t close to winning a championship.

Billups, upset that the Knicks used the amnesty on him, was due to earn $14.2 million. Under the new collective bargaining agreement, the Knicks will pay the majority of that ($12.2 million) and the Clippers will pay about $2 million of Billups’ contract.

This move has my attention for a few reasons here.  First, I’m curious to see whether or not Billups actually shows up and reports to Clippers camp.  Secondly, I’m wondering who starts at PG now for the Clips, and what becomes of the playoff guaranteeing Mo Williams?  The third reason is also because this move officially signifies the end of the Chris Paul trade that was previously on the table less than twenty-four hours ago.  If more reasons come to mind I’ll be sure to keep you posted on those too.

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