Michael Beasley May Have Broken His Wrist

Michael Beasley (AP Photo) via Daylife.comThis is just NOT Michael Beasley’s summer. 

First, he gets pulled over and busted for pot.  Then he joined the summer pro-am circuit and pushed a fan in the face.  And now it seems he broke his wrist during an exhibition tour of China:

The exact details remain somewhat murky. But here’s what’s being reported by HoopChinaMichael Beasley may have a fractured left wrist.

Beasley likely suffered the break Sunday night, while dunking following an exhibition game in China.

Beasley led the way for the victorious side (which featured Paul Pierce), scoring a game-high 32 points, but he may be unable to perform any more heroics on the court for quite a while following the wrist injury.

It might not be on the level of Tony Allen tearing his ACL on an after-the-whistle dunk attempt, but busting your wrist while trying to show off after an exhibition game is in that team picture.  

I will assume all the proper insurance had been secured for this tournament.  Insurance issues have been the sticking points to a number of different players playing overseas (including Ron Artest), and this is example number one as to why.  Without insurance, a player risks having his contract voided by his team.  Of course, that can’t happen until there is a collective bargaining agreement in place, so Beasley could probably break every bone in his body and make a full recovery before this even gets discussed.  

But knowing Michael Beasley, and knowing how snake-bitten his summer has been so far, I’m going to slap the ol’ “stay tuned” sticker on this story.  Because where normal stories end, Michael Beasley stories just start to get going.