Next Star-Studded Summer Exhibition Even Star-Studdier

What, you thought the Summer Pro-Am exhibition madness ended with the Drew/Goodman league showdown?  Tomorrow night, Baltimore’s Melo league gets in on the action, taking on Goodman with a team that would probably be considered a title contender.

And they’re ready to play the Goodman boys. Via HoopsWorld, on August 30, in Baltimore at St. Frances Academy, a group from the Melo featuring Carmelo Anthony (duh), LeBron JamesChris PaulJosh SelbyGary Neal and Donte Greene. (Interesting twist: Selby, Neal and Greene all played for the Goodman in the Drew League showdown.) Although Goodman commissioner Miles Rawles says it’s not officially a Goodman team, for his group it’s Kevin Durant, former Thunder buddy Jeff GreenBrandon Jennings (who played for the Drew last week) and DeMarcus CousinsJohn Wall was also rumored but it’s unlikely he’ll play, according to the Washington Post.

Melo, ‘Bron and CP3 all on the same squad?  You’d better watch out, Miami.  This is how your little super-friends experiment started.  An innocent little gathering of talent a couple of years before LeBron had an out-clause.  

Ok, so I don’t really expect these guys to team up in 2014/15.  I think it’s more fun to throw that little scare into Miami fans.  It’s like telling a guy his new wife is hanging out with some guy friends from work the same way she used to hang out with him while she was dating some other dude.  It means nothing at all, but now it’s got him thinking.

It won’t get any easier when you see the three of them running a 3-on-2 break with a CP3-to-LeBron alley oop highlight finish.  Or when LeBron finds Melo cutting for sweet two-hand jam.  THEN you’ll start getting the Bleacher Report stories about how those three can team up (LeBron and Melo DO have outs in the same season).  

I don’t have to really get into how this game means nothing because everyone’s going to be going half-speed and trying to create the highlights that make HoopMixTape, do I?  

OK, good.

Photo: Larry Brown sports