Oden Suffers Set Back In Road To Recovery

So this really can’t be good.

Portland Trail Blazers’ Greg Oden has reportedly suffered a set back from knee surgery recovery. The set back is unknown but whatever it is, it was discovered during a physical.

“Following Greg’s most recent physical examination and evaluation, we’ve determined that he has suffered a setback,” team president Larry Miller said in a statement. “We’re hopeful, but are less confident that he will return to the court this season. We’ve stood by Greg from the day he was drafted and we continue to do so with this agreement.”

This has to be utterly frustrating for all Blazers fans and management.

Though the report did say the Blazers will restructure a new 1-year deal with the Blazers (terms not disclosed) but I’ve said it before and I will say it again, it’s time for Portland to part ways with Oden. Stop sticking with a player who just seems will never be the player that made him the 2007 number one overall pick.

Here is a player who suffers yet another set back and instead Portland goes and gives him a restructred deal for what, him to simply continue to ride the bench?

As if the past injuries Oden has suffered wasn’t enough, prior to this set back, Portland offered the fragile Oden a $8.9 million contract. It doesn’t add up. Are the Blazers that much of gluttons for punishment?

Yes he is a big man and as they say, “You can’t teach height,” but enough is enough.