Shaq Proclaims Kobe To Be ‘Greatest Laker Of All’ And Not In Jest

Shaquille O'Neal announces retirement

I know what you’re thinking, surely the headline is incorrect. Or maybe Shaq is being sarcastic. He’s really paying a colleague a compliment?

Apparently, Shaq really does mean it. And even though there has been plenty of bickering between the two over the years, before and after Shaq was traded away to the Miami Heat, Shaq’s respect for Kobe’s talent, skill and desire has never wavered. So I guess we can just skip this Wikipedia post detailing their feud in their own words and just sweep that under the rug for today and not worry about it. Nothing to see there, folks!

“Based on what he’s done, he’s probably the greatest Laker of all time,'” O’Neal said of Bryant on KTLA Monday to promote his book, “Shaq Uncut.” “If he gets another championship, he’ll tie with Kareem. That will put him up there.”

Maybe he’s seeing all the bad press he’s generating with all those juicy tidbits from the book being released to the public and wanted to be a little more positive about a player who played such a huge part in getting the big fella those rings. 

“It’s a different kind of great,” O’Neal said of Bryant, who has five NBA titles and remains in sixth place on the NBA’s all-time scoring list (27,868). “He had the skills to be an all-around player. I’m just a big man so I just do big-man stuff. I’m just in the big-man category.”

Whoa, time for “Humble Shaq” to arrive out of nowhere. Where was this Shaq before? “Just a big man”? OK, now I know for sure he’s being a bit facetious in this interview.

And no, Shaq didn’t ask Kobe or anyone else what any part of his anatomy “tastes like.” At least not that we know of.