The 4 Jerseys You Gotta Have For Every Team – Day 22: Oklahoma City

Our series on the four jerseys fans of every NBA team continues today.  It’s Northwest Division week, and today we’re focusing on the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Remember, we’re not just going to list off four popular players in team history.  We know that when you’re wearing a jersey, you’re going for a “look.”  So every day we’re going to tell you the jersey you’ve got to have, the jersey you can’t go wrong with (in case you can’t find the first one), the jersey that will make people say “Oh, that’s awesome,” and the joke jersey that will have everyone laughing.

okc_logoOklahoma City is a tough one.  Technically, the teams roots go back to 1967, when the team entered the league as the Seattle Supersonics.  But the divorce from Seattle was bitter.  And the wounds are still fresh.  Oklahoma City has claimed the Thunder as its own, and because of the settlement with the city of Seattle, all evidence of Seattle basketball stayed in Seattle.  

So we really only have a few seasons of Thunder basketball to work with.  That’s not much, so there may be a leap of faith or two here as we give Oklahoma City fans four must-haves for their jersey collection. 

Gotta Have:

Kevin Durant — This one was obvious.  KD is the savior.  KD is the guy who turned this young franchise into a contender.  KD is the guy who will lead the team to the promised land if they ever get there.  In three years, the Thunder have gone from doormat to conference Finals, and its largely because of what Durant has done for the team.  Everyone in Oklahoma City should have a #35.

You Can’t Go Wrong With: 

Russell Westbrook — Westbrook has been with the team since the move to OKC.  He’s Robin to KD’s Batman, and he can be as exciting a player as you’ll find.  Of course a third year player will have flaws, but he’s as athletic as they come, and he’ll provide plenty of highlights along the way.  Westbrook will win you a few games during the season, and he’s only getting better.  Rock that #0 jersey with pride. 

“Oh, That’s Cool”:

Chris Paul — Six years ago, Hurricane Katrina forced the Hornets to play most of their home game over the ’05-06 and ’06-07 season in Oklahoma City.  So for two seasons, the rabid basketball fans of OKC got to see CP3 call their city home.  Sure, it was a bit of a struggle, and the Hornets did go back to New Orleans.  But the experience turned into a test-run for the city, which showed it loved the NBA enough to warrant a team of its own.  So while this isn’t a “Thunder” jersey, there’d be no Thunder if this jersey didn’t exist.  Honor that brief era in your history with this really cool looking #3. 

“Oh, That’s Funny”:

The Durant plaid shirt/backpack combo — No, this isn’t a jersey, but it should be.  NBA fans everywhere took notice during OKC’s last playoff run as KD went to nearly every post-game news conference with a plaid shirt and a backpack.  You can go to JC Penney and get a plaid shirt for $30, and Nike is about to cave to the demand and start selling KD backpacks.  Combine the two and you’ve got yourself a nice little look that will get a few laughs.   

There you have it.  The four jerseys Thunder fans have got to have.  Disagree with us?  Let us know who we missed in the comments.

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