Video: James Feels Season Will Start On Time, Heat Close To Winning A Title

As Miami Heat’s LeBron James tours China, he fielded some questions on the lockout, and Miami’s chances at winning a title.

And despite the fact the upcoming NBA season is in doubt, James is training as if training camps will open next month and says the Heat will win a title sooner rather than later.

Yes James, another season together will help Miami’s chances at capturing another title but it will take more than that. Miami needs to address their weak bench and bring in a quality center. Free-agent Nene has been mentioned as a possible target once the lockout ends and that will be a good start for Miami.

And if you look at the East, Miami should be poised to rule the conference for years to come if they make the right moves.

Boston isn’t getting any younger, Orlando has their financial issues, Atlanta seems to be stuck in neutral for years, leaving Chicago as the only legit threat Miami will have to face in seasons to come.