A bit premature? NBA store sells Thunder-Heat Finals T-shirts

Tonight the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat will face off in Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals in Miami and a shot for a chance at an NBA title versus the Oklahoma City Thunder.

And despite the Heat having home court advantage, the Celtics have proven they can win in Miami and cause the Heat some issues which should force the Heat to not take the Celtics lightly.

So even though the outcome of the series has yet to be determined, the NBA pretty much says the Heat and Thunder will meet in the Finals. Well at least according to their official store.

Yesterday, the NBA store promoted T-shirts featuring the slogan “Beat The Heat” way before the outcome of Game 7 was yet to be determine. And although the shirt has been pulled from the site, Reds Army.com manage to capture a screenshot of the T-shirt for all to see. Check it out.

This will no doubt fuel conspiracy theorist saying the fix is in. However, it probably is a simple error on the part of someone at the NBA Store website who prematurely posted the shirt. You know somewhere there are shirts depicting an OKC-Boston NBA Finals just in case Boston does win tonight.

Regardless, this photo of the shirt should fuel Celtics fans and players. Speaking to Crossover’s own John Karalis, he said a player like Kevin Garnett should be shown this shirt ASAP which would undoubtedly fuel his rage, enough to push him to unleash a basketball fury Miami thought it never see. He also said he hopes all Celtics players would wear this shirt during pregame warm-ups and better yet, if Boston wins Game 7, to wear them during postgame press conferences.

But talk about locker room material. If I am Doc Rivers, I’d have this photo plastered on all of the players lockers just to add a bit more motivation to win Game 7.