A plea for Howard

Orlando Magic fans are still holding out hope that Dwight Howard doesn’t want to leave. But as the Magic slide further down the Eastern Conference standings, the likelihood of Howard packing his bags is increasing.

Howard has already requested a trade, but with the deadline approaching, the Magic haven’t gotten an offer they think is worth it. Either that or they really do think Howard will change his mind. ESPN reports that 85-year-old Magic owner Richard DeVos Sr. says he “doesn’t want to trade him,” he definitely isn’t giving up.

“’We like to think we’re making headway,’ DeVos said of talks with Howard and his representatives. ‘But I don’t know. He probably won’t know until the end and I won’t either.’

When asked if he could put a percentage chance on Howard staying with the team long-term, DeVos said he wouldn’t put a number on it.

‘I don’t gamble on that, I just plan on him staying,’ the owner said.”

So are these just the delusions of a naïve old man or is there really a chance Dwight could stay? Well last we heard, Howard was down to four teams: the Magic, the New Jersey Nets, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks only hope to get Howard is to sign him in the offseason, so they aren’t really relevant right now.

As for the Lakers, there are some reports coming out that Howard isn’t as keen on heading to Los Angeles as he once was. The are rumors flying around that Howard wouldn’t be getting the role he wants if he went to play with Kobe and he didn’t really like that. Kobe denies these rumors, but let’s assume for a second that they are true.

If that’s the case, Howard will either finish the season as a member of the Magic or the Nets. Flip a coin and take your pick.

I think we can be sure that nothing will happen before the All-Star game though. The Magic aren’t going to send Dwight away only to bring him back to play in a different All-Star jersey. For now, we just have to wait as Dwight Watch 2K12 continues.