Advertisements coming to a jersey near you

Damion LillardThere is a lot going of NBA going on in Las Vegas.

Summer League has been going on for a week now. In addition to the games, guys like Jermaine O’Neal are auditioning for clubs and teams are having face to face talks about trades since a heavy amount of general managers are all in the same place.

There is also some league business happening, controversial topics like the increased use of instant replay and putting advertisements on jerseys. CBS’ Ken Berger reports that the NBA will feature some advertisements on uniforms as early as the beginning of the 2013-2014 season.

“I think it’s fair to say that our teams were excited about the opportunity and think there is potentially a big opportunity in the marketplace to put a two by two patch on the shoulder of our jerseys,” NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver said.

Before you start worrying that your favorite team’s jersey is going to look like a soccer jersey, where an uneducated watcher cannot even tell which team is which, the advertisements are going to be relatively small. Berger writes we are talking about patches that are “2.5 inches-by-2.5 inches” and will go on the shoulder of the jerseys, presumably under the NBA logo or replacing it. This will also generate an extra $100 million in revenue per season for the league. 

I was initially against the idea of advertisements on uniforms, but that was when the idea was that a Trail Blazers logo would get replaced by a VISA logo, but this sounds like a happy compromise that will make the NBA some extra money, but keep the spirit and history of the NBA uniform alive. Nice work, NBA.