All-Defensive team makes sense… and kinda doesn’t

AP Photo/DayLifeThe NBA Awards season is wrapping up and there have certainly been some odd votes cast (Josh Selby getting a third place Rookie Of The Year Vote comes to mind).  Today the NBA released its All-Defensive First and Second Teams, and, at first glance, it mostly made sense, but then it didn’t (H/T to Ben Golliver).

Players were awarded two points for a First Team Selection and one point for a Second Team selection. Here’s how the scoring broke down.

First Team: LeBron James (53 points), Serge Ibaka (47), Dwight Howard (41), Chris Paul (35), Tony Allen (33)

Second Team: Kevin Garnett (26), Luol Deng (20), Tyson Chandler (36), Rajon Rondo (29), Kobe Bryant (17)

First things first, it’s important to note that the coaches (or someone on a team voting for the coaches) fill out these ballots, not the media. That mostly explains why Tyson Chandler, the Defensive Player of the Year as chosen by the media, made the second team.

Second, under no circumstances should the names Luol Deng and Kobe Bryant appear on a ballot before the names Andre Iguadola and Dwyane Wade. Those are probably the two biggest reputation votes of this entire season.

A couple of other really funny things happened though.

Carlos Boozer received a first place vote. CARLOS BOOZER! That’s absurd.

Getty Images/DayLifeAlso, Iman Shumpert placed ahead of Josh Smith, Dwyane Wade, Thabo Sefolosha, Tim Duncan, Avery Bradley, Boston; Marc Gasol, Metta World Peace, Shawn Marion, Joe Johnson, Mike Conley, Derrick Rose, Jrue Holiday and Luc Mbah a Moute. I guess we can just pencil him in for All-Defensive team for the next 10 years regardless of what he actually accomplishes on the court.

A couple of good things did happen too.

LeBron James’ defense can sometimes get overlooked because of what he does on offense, but it is nice to see him get the most votes out of anyone.  Also it’s great to see Tony Allen recognized for his amazing defensive skills. 

Still we expected more from you NBA head and assistant coaches. You guys actually watch these guys play.  Please stop giving guys like Carlos Boozer first place votes. Is his yelling while not moving his feet really that effective?