Amar’e says he preseveres through injuries and might be back in Game Four

After punching a fire extinguisher because he was mad that Carmelo took 26 shots and he only took 9 the Heat beat his Knicks 104-94 to take a 2-0 lead in the series, Amar’e Stoudemire is saying he might be able to come back for Game Four. Not Game Three tonight, first of all, where he will have to sit out because he punched a fire extinguisher, but Game Four on Sunday. The reason he says he might be able to return is priceless too, if you hadn’t heard. 

New York Knicks power forward Amare Stoudemire leaves the American Airlines Arena with his hand in a sling after his team's loss to the Miami Heat in Game 2 of their first round NBA Eastern Conference basketball playoff in Miami, Florida April 30, 2012.

First on the chance he plays Sunday, according to

Amare Stoudemire thinks there’s a “great chance” he can play in Game 4 of the Knicks’ series against Miami on Sunday despite cutting his left hand on a fire extinguisher case.

Stoudemire is out of Thursday’s Game 3 after a surgeon repaired a muscle in the hand Tuesday. The Knicks are calling him doubtful for Game 4, but Stoudemire said Wednesday he’s “not totally sure yet.”

The Knicks forward missed 13 games down the stretch with a bulging disk in his back. Wearing a large wrap around his hand, he said he’s hoping for another comeback.

This next part is the best. So why do you think you might be able to play on Sunday, Amar’e, when medical professionals appear to agree unanimously that no human can possibly heal quick enough from the injury you sustained and be able to play that soon?

“I just persevere through a lot of injuries and work hard to recover from injuries,” Stoudemire said.

Very honorable of you, sir. Despite the fact that you make $100 million guaranteed, you are also willing to just persevere through a lot of injuries and work hard to recover from them. This latest hand injury being a classic example, I guess.

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He said he punched the case out of frustration Monday after the Knicks’ 104-94 loss dropped them into a 2-0 hole, denying he was upset about his diminishing role in the offense. He said the casing was around 85 percent metal and 2 percent glass, calling it bad luck that he hit the glass and cut himself.

“Everybody gets upset. You’re so passionate for the game. Everyone gets upset at times, but never in a million years did I think that I would actually cut my hand the way I did it,” Stoudemire said. “So, bad timing, but I’ll be back.”

Bad timing indeed, and good to hear you’ll be back. If you end up coming back Sunday, though, there’s a good chance it’ll be 3-0 Heat by then unfortunately before Game Four ever tips off. 

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