Amir Johnson’s new hairdo

The Toronto Raptors need to do a lot to get noticed. Amir Johnson needs to do a lot to get notice.

Instagram/USA TODAY

Yeah, that should do it.

Even though the Raptors are sitting at 8-19 and you may not be aware that they are on a four-game win streak. It is their first four-game win streak since November 2010. This is certainly one way to celebrate that feat.

Johnson is the workhorse for the Raptors in the post. He is averaging 7.3 points and 5.7 rebounds per game in about 21 minutes per game. His value is not measured in statistics. And apparently not in hair folicles either (although hair dye, yes).

Johnson told Doug Smith of the Toronto Star that the haircut took about 90 minutes and that he did it because he "was just thinking about doing something when I was sitting around the house." Of course.

Johnson has become a bit of fan legend around Toronto. He participated in the city's Zombie Walk and has a table tennis tournament planned for Sunday.

Of course, this is attention and he is in the post. So anything might go. As Raptors coach Dwane Casey said, Johnson better be the "baddest man in the paint" if he is going to sport that haircut.

If Johnson has one reputation, it is of trying to do that.

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