Andre Iguodala won’t be traded this summer

AP Photo/DayLifeAndre Iguodala has always been a misplaced superstar.

Wedged between Allen Iverson's career in Philadelphia and whatever comes next, Iguodala has at times been asked to be a sidekick and superstar. In each role, he has found some success but not ultimate success. After all, Philadelphia has been out of the first round just once since Iverson was traded in 2008.

Iguodala has always been a flashpoint in the sometimes contentious Philadelphia fan base. It seemed like no matter what he did, it was not enough.

He averaged nearly 20 points per game from 2007 to 2009, but could never make his 76ers teams good enough. The trade rumors followed pretty quickly. It seemed like every summer his name would come up in trade talks.

Despite Iguodala really playing to his potential, he was miscast in the role as a lead dog and expected to do too much. So Philadelphia was constantly shopping him. In the meantime, Iguodala did everything right. He continued to be the primary scorer and playmaker for a young Philadelphia team that was quietly very good. Particularly after his time with the 2010 World Championship team, Iguodala became an elite defender.

It appeared he had found his role. And with the 76ers getting a balance offensive attack, the Sixers started winning games and making noise in the postseason. Sure Derrick Rose was injured, opening the door for the eighth-seed Sixers to get to the conference semifinals. But it was Philadelphia as a team forcing Boston to a seven-game series.

For the first time in a long time, Philadelphia might like Iguodala enough not to put him on the market. That is what is reporting.

Of course, things could change, very easily.

A number of teams would love to add Iguodala and there is always interest for this super talented player. But the 76ers like where they are right now. Philadelphia did not feature a ton of changes to its roster and there is believe that the team could take a step up in the Eastern Conference pecking order.

The way Philadelphia is built is certainly different than the other Eastern Conference elite teams. This is a team built on balanced scoring and defense. The 76ers lack a true superstar. That may put Andre Iguodala back in the familiar role of trade bait as Philadelphia thinks about being more than an also-ran in the NBA Playoffs.

Iguodala is off the table for now, but he may be in a familiar position if the 76ers struggle at any point in the season.

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