Better late than never: Jabbar getting statue

Kareem Abdul JabbarRemember last year when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar complained about their not being plans to build a statue of the artist formerly known as Lew Alcindor outside of Staples Center?  Well Jabbar has one less thing to complain about.  Yardbarker reports the Lakers will unveil a statue of the NBA's all-time leading scorer sometime during this coming season.

"Abdul-Jabbar publicly criticized the Lakers last year for not erecting a statue sooner of him.  But the Lakers have said there is no set order for statue inductions. Abdul-Jabbar won five of his six NBA titles and three of his six league MVP's with the Lakers."

Good for the Lakers and good for Jabbar.  You probably won't hear too many people call Kareem the NBA's greatest center ever because of Russell and Chamberlain, but he's up there with those two in a stratosphere above all other NBA centers.  Not to rehash things, but who in Laker-lore did Kareem think he should get the statue before?  Being the next guy behind the three most beloved Laker figures ever isn't such a bad spot.

The next question is what will Jabbar's statue look like?  It either has to be him getting ready to release the Sky Hook or him dressed as Roger Murdock sitting next to Captain Clarence Oveur in Airplane.  That joke isn't going anywhere.  Congrats, Kareem!

Photo Credit: Slam Online