Bobcats offering 2-for-1 season ticket deal

So you live in Charlotte. Your basketball team just won seven games for an entire season and, even in a shortened season, still managed to set the record for worst winning percentage in NBA history. Your owner is the greatest basketball player of all time, but does not have a great track record running a team.

Worst of all, that seven-win season did not even net you the top overall pick in the Draft. Settling for second — likely Thomas Robinson, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Andre Drummond or Bradley Beal — is a big step back from the promise of Anthony Davis.

Life is pretty hopeless for a Bobcats fan right now. The roster is still a mess and there is not much reason to be excited — last year’s top pick, Kemba Walker, showed flashes but largely underperformed on an awful roster.

The Bobcats, who finished 26th in the league in attendance, need to find any way to get the fans energized and into the building (after all, this is a business).

The team may not be good, but the marketing department sure is trying hard. If you go to the Bobcats’ Web site right now, you will be greeted with this offer:


Step right up then!

The offer probably is not as splashy without the #1 there instead of the #2, but Charlotte is offering two-for-one NBA season tickets. If you are a basketball junkie, how do you pass this offer up?

Oh, yeah, you are paying for 41 games of Bobcats basketball and getting 82. That does not seem as appetizing anymore, does it? It is like winning a year’s worth of McDonald’s. Sure, sometimes you pass a restaurant with a McBistro and can get a “gourmet” pizza. But most of the time you are stuck with Quarter Pounders with Cheese and Big Macs.

AP Photo/DayLifeUnfortunately, I think both McDonald’s and Bobcats basketball cause the same indigestion.

This is indeed a real offer as clicking on the link provided takes you to TicketMaster where it does state you get 2013-14 free for buying full season tickets for 2012-13. That is 82 games for $537.50.

The good news is you never know what the future can hold. Maybe Jordan can attract some quality players to buy into the Charlotte project. Maybe Bismack Biyombo is the next Dikembe Mutombo. Maybe Kemba Walker will develop into an NBA scorer. Maybe that No. 2 pick will develop into a star the franchise can build around.

If this is a stock, you could not be buying at any lower. I am guessing Charlotte is hoping that getting season ticket holders to commit for two years will get them invested to buy more when things turn around for that third year.

Of course, turning around the mess in Charlotte is much easier said than done. The road back from a 7-win season is going to take possibly another awful year and another high lottery pick. Then it will take some smart management.

Excuse me, if I am not confident in this one quite yet, despite the amazing deal they are offering.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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