Bosh back on the court, at least in practice

The Miami Heat dispatched the Boston Celtics (93-79) in Game One of their Eastern Conference Finals series but again were without the services of center Chris Bosh.

Bosh has been sidelined with a strained abdominal injury sustained versus the Pacers in the Heat’s semifinals series, but if Heat fans were looking to see him back on the court against Boston, think again.

Though Bosh has been on the court during Heat practices recently, according to Fox Sports Florida, there’s still no timetable on when he will return to action.

“He just did the next step in the progression of his rehab,” Spoelstra said Monday about Bosh’s workout Sunday on the main AmericanAirlines court. “There is still not a timetable, and it was a very light workout on the court. Really more it was a progression of his rehab than it was more of a basketball workout, but I can see how it would be interpreted different.”

This is a good sign for Miami, however, head coach Eric Spoelstra says do not read much into this latest Bosh-injury update.

“I wouldn’t over-read into his workout,” Spoelstra said. “We’ll continue to re-evaluate him every day. He’ll continue to do his rehab. When he starts legitimate basketball work, I’ll pay attention a little more.”

The way Miami played in the second half against Boston in Game One, perhaps the team does not need to rush Bosh back to the court in this series. Ronny Turiaf, Udonis Haslem, and Joel Anthony were able to steady the middle, Miami outrebounded Boston (48-33) in Game One, and the way LeBron James and Dwyane Wade played (combining for 54 points), pretty much offset a heavy-dose of Kevin Garnett who finished with a double-double (23 points, 10 rebounds).

And if Miami is able to continue their dominant play in this series versus the Celtics, resting Bosh would be the prudent thing to do should either the Spurs or Thunder be waiting for the Heat in the NBA Finals. No way can the Heat have a shot at beating either of the Western Conference powers without Bosh.