Brandon Roy was in L.A….

AP Photo/DayLifeBrandon Roy will always represent what could have been. Maybe he will become, as they said in Field of Dreams, what could be good again.

Roy’s career has been both amazing and tragic as constant knee injuries derailed this budding young star long before he could fully blossom. Much like Tracy McGrady, Grant Hill and Gilbert Arenas (among many many others), fans will never get to see the full extent of his talent blossom. Instead, they will see a player trying hard to roll the rock back up the hill in some Sisyphian nightmare, even if that.

Hill and McGrady, once destined to play together and rule the league, have had distinguished second acts, but nowhere near what they once were.

This is the future Brandon Roy is staring at. And no one is quite sure if Roy’s body can handle the rigors of an NBA season. They can only see the rock rolling back down the hill and crushing him and his special talents once again.

Last offseason, Portland decided to amnesty the team’s former franchise player in a move that was difficult but understandable after yet another knee surgery wiped out an entire season. Throughout the year, Roy had toyed with the idea of a comeback, backing off statements that he was retired.

Roy was in Los Angeles this week working out, and according to Sportando, Roy really likes L.A. and is considering a comeback. Sportando also cited sources claiming Roy is a much better player than he was in the past.

Of course, there is no word that Roy actually met with the Lakers. The report only says that Roy was in Los Angeles to receive treatment on his knee, similar to the treatment Kobe Bryant went through.

This is more evidence that Roy is serious about making a comeback and trying to play again next season.

Since no one has seen him play against NBA competition though, it is hard to say whether he can regain his form. And that knee injury will always be lurking in the background. Likely, Roy is not the same player he was. He will likely have to take on a role similar to the one he took in 2011 with the Blazers, a Sixth Man who can come in and bring energy and score points in short bursts.

Roy is a guy that can do it though. The league will have to wait and see if this time a young player facing a major and recurring injury can get that boulder to the top.

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