Derrick Rose’s surgery likely to be postponed

Though the Chicago Bulls may have captured a 1-0 lead in their opening round series versus the Sixers Saturday, the win was overshadowed after All-Star point guard Derrick Rose suffered a torn ACL in his left knee late in the game.

And now that Rose is lost for the remainder of the postseason, it means it is time for him to get his knee repaired. But any immediate surgery will be postponed.

Rose’s surgery likely will be postponed until the swelling in the injury subsides. That process typically takes two to four weeks, according to someone familiar with the injury.

So it begins. Rose’s road to recovery.

But it does leave a question, should Rose have played anyway since he has been dealing with various injuries prior to the playoffs?

He sat out many games this season and Chicago played quite well without him. Did Rose rush back? Should he have played fewer minutes in game one to help ease him back into the rhythm of a game?

Yes, an ACL injury can happen at anytime but it was clear he was not at 100 percent when the postseason began.

I know hindsight is 20/20 and Rose was crucial to any march to the NBA Finals for Chicago this season, but sometimes thinking long-term is safer than any short-term needs. And having a healthy Chicago team long-term may have been at the forefront of the Chicago coaching staff. Even if it meant not having Rose in this playoff run.

Furthermore, this is a very young Bulls squad. This team will be a viable title contender for years to come even if Rose sat out this year’s postseason. Not to mention preserving a player who received a contract extension worth $94.8 million early this season.

Now he will more than likely undergo surgery, will take months of rehab, and probably will not be the same player he was prior to his injury-plagued season while Chicago will just have to face the playoffs without Rose.