Cavs fans are still latching onto every anti-LeBron message they can find

I feel like Cleveland Cavaliers fans and Seattle Sonics fans should meet somewhere in the middle (anyone South Dakota know of a really huge sports bar?) and commiserate over the hatred they each feel in this series. 

For Sonics fans, it’s watching Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden potentially win a title that should have been celebrated in the shadows of the Space Needle.  For Cavs fans, it’s watching…

… well… you know… him… 

And while some Clevelanders have let it go.  Many have not.  Which is why this shirt exists.

anti-LeBron shirt

I must say, this is pretty clever.  The tag line is fantastic. 

At some point both of these fan bases will have to move on from their current pain, but it’s obvious they’re not going to do that soon.  So while the rest of us watch Oklahoma City and Miami, a pair of fan bases watch “not Seattle” and “that should be our team he’s leading to the Finals.”  

And as that shirt proves, bitterness is good business.