Celtics’ Allen still dealing with ankle injury

The Boston Celtics are limping into the playoffs. Mikael Pietrus, Rajon Rondo, and Greg Stiemsma have all been hit by the injury bug but should be ready come playoff time, however, a huge cog in the Cetics’ machine, Ray Allen, is still dealing with nagging bone spurs in his ankle.

“The other day when it swelled,” Allen said, “they say they could be the size of a grain of sand but they’re not supposed to be in there so as they swell, they move around and as the swelling goes down, they rest.”

Allen, also complained of soreness in his ankle but it obviously is more than just soreness.

Boston did not play him against the Heat in last night’s game and is doubtful for Boston’s last regular season game. A move that is more of a precautionary move considering Boston will need to have him raring to go on the postseason against the Hawks in the first round.

Keep in mind Avery Bradley has been playing quite well on both ends of the court for Boston so it might make the team feel more comfortable in letting Allen get in as much rest and rehab as he can in order to have him back at full strength for the playoffs.

But having Allen back in time to face the Hawks will be key. He faced the Hawks just once this season but played quite effectively versus Atlanta. He averaged 19 points, shot 67% from the three-point line, and 56% from the field in 37 minutes. All of which were 10% above his season averages.

However, should his ankle injury become a persistent issue, it might lend to Boston to consider not bringing him back to the team next season. And as mentioned before, with Bradley playing very well, we might be seeing Allen’s days in green and white coming to an end.

Boston’s brass has a lot to think about this offseason when it comes to Allen and his future with the Celtics.