Video: ‘Clipper Darrell’ gets emotional, tells his side of the story

By now most of you have heard about the saga between the Los Angeles Clippers and their number one fan Darrell Bailey best known as “Clipper Darrell.” In a nutshell, the Clippers organization wants Darrell to stop using the Clipper name. In another words, the Clips want him to stop being “Clipper Darrell.”

Now say what you will about where you stand on this topic (whether you agree with the Clippers or not) one thing is for sure, Darrell is not taking this well.

Recently, Bailey got a chance to voice his side of the story on local Los Angeles TV and from the video below (h/t Cosby Sweaters) you will see a grown man cry.

The Clipper players have all voiced their support for Bailey since news of this surfaced but where do you stand Crossover readers? Do you think this was due to the Clippers rise in popularity or is this just the Clippers making a responsible decision by disassociating the franchise from someone who is not officially associated with the Clippers? Perhaps you feel this is simply an organization being a scrooge and need to let the man be?