Clippers could get Billups back on the bench

Securing NBA veteran Chauncey Billups was a huge coup for the young Los Angeles Clippers team. What better player could the team want backing up Chris Paul and the Clippers’ second unit.

However, as the season progressed, Billups ruptured his Achilles causing him to sit out the rest of the season and quite possibly, his career. And although reports state the Clippers are looking to secure another guard for the injured Billups, could “Mr. Big Shot” be coming back to the Clippers’ bench?


Now before you Clippers fans jump out of your seat thinking Billups will be in uniform soon, well think again.

According to ESPN, Billups could be on the bench in a moral-supporting role for the Clips.

The Clippers are counting on Billups to rejoin them at some point though. As soon as he’s past the initial stage of his recovery, he’s expected to rejoin them on the bench and in the locker room to add the leadership and gravitas he immediately brought to the team after being waived by the Knicks.

And at this point, “Lob City” can use all the help it can get.

Los Angeles lost a close game last night to Golden State and in the last 10 games are 4-6. Not a great way to end this final push toward the playoffs. Moreover, they are sitting in the fifth spot in the Western Conference playoff chase and, with a young team, securing home court advantage would be key.

Having Billups’ leadership, direction, and another set of eyes for Paul and the coaching staff will do wonders for the Clips come the stretch run of the playoffs. Not to mention, giving young point guard Eric Bledsoe some direction in his development seeing how he will be picking up the slack due to Billups’ season-ending injury.

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