Clippers Day Video: Blake Griffin’s dunks bring down the house

For the majority of the Los Angeles Clippers' franchise history, "laughing stock" was the phrase that best described the team.

From failed draft picks, bad trades, a penny-pinch (and an allegedly racist) owner to long playoff appearance droughts, there is no doubt the Clippers have been, for the most part, been a fail.

But things are finally looking up as the team is now considered a playoff team in the West with players such as Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, Mo Williams, Chauncey Billups, and of course Blake Griffin.

And it's been Griffin who has been "wow-ing" the fans whether it's been in LA or at away games. He brings in the crowds and has single-handedly made the Clippers a "must-see" game just in case he annihilates the rim with his thunderous dunks.

Check out Griffin's best plays from last season.


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