Duncan’s new deal nets him $30 million

One of the greatest NBA players to ever grace the hardwood, San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan, is definitely seeing the end of his illustrious career coming to a close. And if his new deal with San Antonio is any indication, then fans will have at least two more seasons to appreciate his greatness.

There was no doubt that Duncan, a free agent heading into the new season, wasn’t going to re-sign with the Spurs. He started in black and silver and will retire in black and silver. So it came to no surprise he opted to stay in San Antonio thus guaranteeing his last day in the NBA to be with the Spurs.

TD signed a three year deal (third year his option) which will net him $30 million.

“Duncan, whose contract last season called for him to be paid $21.2 million, will get $9.65 million next season and $10.4 million in 2013-14. The final season of the three-year deal, at Duncan’s option, is for an even $10 million.”

The structure of Duncan’s deal allows the Spurs some financial wiggle-room but not much heading into next season. According to Hoops World, the Spurs will have a $67,249,476 team payroll of guaranteed contract next season. And with the team already re-signing Duncan, Danny Green, Patty Mills, and signing guard Nando De Colo, adding a big free agent will be slim. Moreover, with the Spurs financial status heading into next season, it would appear San Antonio will basically look like the same team from last season. Also, the way the TD deal is structured, the Spurs won’t have any guaranteed contracts past the 2013-14 season. This bodes well for any rebuilding plans the team has for the post-TD era.

Money aside, this is exactly what Spurs fans wanted to hear. To know they possibly have three more seasons of seeing TD on the court and chasing that allusive fifth ring will temper their nightmares of the AT&T Center without Duncan on the court.

So soak it in NBA fans. You still have time to appreciate Duncan on the court before he rides off into the sunset.