Durant hitting the weights

Image: Sports-Kings.comIf we were to have an NBA Strongman competition, it is probably safe to say that Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant would finish near the bottom. The three-time reigning NBA scoring champ has been criticized his whole career for his lanky arms and lack of strength.

Obviously, Durant makes up for it in other ways. He is one of the most dominant players in the league. Being able to shoot from anywhere on the floor, jump out of the gym and score at will are enough to succeed in the NBA, but I guess Durant still took his critics’ words to heart and hit the weight room this offseason.

“I guess we’ll know when we start banging during the season,” Durant said when he was told he looked a little bigger. “But I feel a little bigger, and coach is going to put me down low a little bit more at the 4, so I’ve got to be stronger to guard those guys. I’m just looking forward to doing as much as I can to help this team.”

Durant really did not need to bulk up. Anybody that said he did was just looking for something to complain about when there was not much else to find, but unless his shot is affected, this can only be a good thing. Anything he adds to his game at this point can really just be considered a bonus.

I do not think Durant is ever going to match LeBron James in terms of pure strength, but being able to hold his own down in the post would be an added dimension to his game that could take him another level higher.

Once the season starts, we will see how Durant’s beefed up, new physique pays off. At the very least, he might look a little less dorky carrying around his giant backpack.

Image: Sports-Kings.com