Durant voted ‘Nerd of the NBA.’ Shocking huh?

If you been watching any of the postgame press conference during these NBA playoffs, chances are you have seen a particular fashion statement being made by various players — the geek look. You know, shirts buttoned up to the top, thick rimmed eye-glasses, suspenders, and much more. You might swear Steve Urkle of Family Matters was taking questions from the media.

There is no doubt, the “geek-look” is here to stay and the poster child of this has to be Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant. It’s quite often KD will rock the eye-glasses, wear bow-ties, and have a school boy’s backpack during a press conference.

And it is because of this look, Durant was voted the nerdiest in the NBA by Time Magazine.

Writer Sean Gregory applauded Durant’s geek-chic wardrobe (backpack, horn-rimmed glasses, plaid shirt buttoned to the collar) as being a trendsetter. Teammate Russell Westbrook has picked up the look as well as LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Amar’e Stoudemire, Dwyane Wade and Andre Iguodala. Nike is scheduled to produce various Durant-inspired backpacks this fall. Gregory wrote in Time’s May 14 issue: “In Durant, the NBA has an ideal frontman for the geek-chic craze.”

Kind of a no-brainer pick seeing how KD started the geek-look but his teammate, Russel Westbrook, takes it to a whole other level. Who can forget this look Westbrook showcased recently.

Though, if you really want to talk about “nerdiest NBA player,” then Tim Duncan takes the cake.

He may not wear geeky clothes, but he does love himself some comic book characters. Case in point, TD’s pretty sweet Punisher knee brace.