Dwight Howard prepared to sit out season he opted in to

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard would literally have to turn into Superman and rescue a plane full of flying nuns from crashing into an orphanage surrounded by puppies to become likable after this. 

Howard, according to Jordan Schultz of the Huffington Post (via Orlando Magic Daily), is prepared to skip the upcoming season

Bear in mind… Dwight Howard chose to play for Orlando this season.  He had the option to opt out of this upcoming season, but he didn’t.  He opted in.  

I know you all know this, but I just wanted to say it out loud. 

Dwight Howard didn’t have to be here.  It’s his own damn fault. 

Brooklyn could have just cleared cap space and either pulled off some kind of sign-and-trade, or signed him outright.  This saga would be over.  This whole thing would be behind us. 

But Dwight, in his infinite wisdom, chose to opt in.  And the good folks of Orlando foolishly believed he would actually do what he said.  The NBA even made up “Loyalty” shirts (which, thankfully, have finally been taken down).  LOOK AT WHAT HE SAID LAST YEAR:

“I’m not like those guys that people try to pay me to be. I’m loyal,” Howard said. “I just love this city too much. I want to win a championship.”

No. I swear.  He said that.  Go look at the link.  There’s video.  He said those exact words.

He didn’t even play a dozen games after that before sitting with a back injury.  Then Mr. Loyalty, after the owners dumped the coach you wanted gone and replaced the GM with a wiz-kid cut from the cloth of one of the finest rebuilding processes we’ve seen (Oklahoma City).  The franchise is seemingly moving in the right direction with some pieces in place to make tihs rebuilding a speedy one.  And Mr. Loyalty not only wants out, he’ll sit at home and pout if he doesn’t get his way. 

The bottom line with Dwight is that he’s still a child.  He asked for something, he got it, and he immediatelhy doesn’t want it anymore.  He’s acting with the maturity of a seven year-old throwing a tantrum in the check-out line.  And now Rob Hennigan is left to look around the supermarket nervously as people make snap judgments. 

But we see the truth.  Dwight’s just a spoiled brat.  He chose to a part of the Magic almost exactly four months ago.  And now he’s burning the bridge.