Dwight Howard really likes being a Laker

If you are a Los Angeles Lakers fans, you will love this. If you are an Orlando Magic fan, then this will only fuel your dislike for Dwight Howard.

Howard took to his official Facebook page and uploaded a drawing of him following in the line of past Laker great centers such as Jabbar and Chamberlain. Brace yourself Magic fans because this might sting a bit (h/t Orlando Sentinel). Check it out.

OK so Howard is happy to be a Laker (obviously) but now he has to prove it. All those past Laker centers brought a title to L.A. and Howard did not while in Orlando. Add the fact he has considerably more talent surrounding him in L.A. than he had in Orlando, it is almost safe to say much is expected from him next season. Will he and the Lakers rise to the expectations remains to be seen but make no mistake, Howard is under the spotlight next season.

Those are some huge shadows to fall under, and Laker fans will be hoping for another title next season while Magic fans are hoping he fails miserably.