Greg Oden sees Miami in his future

Former number one draft pick by the Portland Trail Blazers, Greg Oden, has his eyes set on joining the Miami Heat if (and that’s a big if) he can return to the court after undergoing yet another round of rehab on his oft-injured knees.

Oden is set to take next season off to make sure he is fully recovered before joining an NBA team in the 2013-14 season. That’s a long time from now but the free agent center seems to be determined to make it happen.

But his agent, Mike Conley Sr., told us Oden is positioned be ready to play in December or January “as far as being effective and in shape” and will explore options in the coming months, with the possibility of joining a team next season. But nobody obviously can know for sure when he will be ready.

There’s just one catch, the Heat haven’t contacted Oden at all at this point.

The Heat hasn’t called but “Greg has talked about Miami,” Conley said. “He has interest. He’s not retiring.”

Currently, the Heat have Chris Bosh locked up for a while so it is safe to say Miami has that position covered but the team can stand to use a backup center. But the question is will Miami (or any other team) actually sign a player who just cannot stay healthy and has a history of season-ending injuries? Oden will have to really impress the Heat and other team that might consider taking a chance at bringing him along.

Sure, Oden will come cheap as I see no team will over-pay Oden if he ever makes a return to the NBA hardwood, so there is that. Not to mention, true big men are a rarity nowadays but this is Oden we are talking about. A player who is so fragile, in the end, it just might not be worth taking any chance on, and filling a roster spot with a player of his physical history.